A dog of uncertain pedigree; a mutt.
Example Citations:
"The Underdog, A Celebration of Mutts," is an ode to the shelter dog — high praise for the "unbreed." "A mutt is couture — it's the only one like it in the world, made especially for you," writes New York City author Julia Szabo, quoting footwear designer Isaac Mizrahi.
— "Author praises mixed breeds in 'A Celebration of Mutts'," Akron Beacon Journal, March 18, 2006
This woman of mussed curly hair, tough skin, rough working hands petting every animal in her kingdom within reach. She walks among them like a queen of all creatures great and small. Dogs running, jumping, barking, following her every step like a furry cloud. Dogs of every shape, color, size — full breed, mixed breed, half breed, unbreed.
— Norbert Blei, "Rory Walter: The Good Shepherdess of Door," Door County Compass
Earliest Citation:
They are a generic, a noname animal, the unbreed, one of a kind, and in these days of mass-produced merchandise, of branding run rampant, the mutt's uniqueness is a priceless commodity.
— Julia Szabo, The Underdog: A Celebration of Mutts, Workman Publishing Company, October 3, 2005
This word also appears occasionally as a verb:
Louise Ellis, set to speak first Monday at the public hearing in Toronto, says the dogs are inherently vicious.
"That's what they were bred for and you just can't unbreed that kind of stuff in an animal overnight," Ellis said.
— Tara Brautigam, "Ont. pit bull ban debate set to heat up as public hearings begin," The Canadian Press, January 23, 2005
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